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Welcome to Military Officer Jobs. Our purpose is simple: Pull together in one place all the really useful and valid online Military Officer job-search resources — and make them keyword searchable. We’ve scoured the Web to find and evaluate the very best information available online to help you find the top current jobs for Military Officers and make the easiest possible transition to the civilian job market. And of course the site is free.

IMPORTANT: Doesn’t matter if you’re an active or “passive” Vet jobs seeker — i.e, unemployed or currently employed — Military Officer Jobs is here to serve your needs. And not just by providing comprehensive resources, but also by offering many professional networking opportunities you won’t find anywhere else — a feature which has proven especially popular with transitioning officers.

Today, the civilian job market is looking better than it has in at least several years. And many top US companies are extremely serious and eager to hire Military Officers. Your civilian job prospects are good right now. We hope our site helps you navigate the vast trove of Vet jobs and career information out there, zero in on great Veteran jobs that meet your needs, and make a quick and efficient transition to civilian employment.

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